Little Alchemists — Czech Games Edition

Little Alchemists — Czech Games Edition
Who knew that dusty old pile of weird beakers, boilers, and bottles full of strange-smelling ingredients you found in the basement would soon become your ticket to alchemy school? After a bit of tinkering, and perhaps a few mishaps, you and your pals seem to have a knack for it! Fun is brewing for all ages in Little Alchemists, a game of potion craft and deduction. Based on the original Alchemists (CGE00027) game released in 2014, Little Alchemists is a streamlined standalone version that’s geared toward younger players and their families.

Little Alchemists
Publisher: Czech Games Edition
Item Code: CGE00119
MSRP: $49.95
Releases Q3 2024


  • Gather ingredients, and brew and sell potions, all based on experimentation and ingredient deduction.
  • Scan ingredients to craft unique potion combinations with a tablet or smartphone.
  • Unlock new chapters across multiple replays—each layers on new mechanics and complexity to expand the core experience.
  • A great primer on the basic concepts of Alchemists—once you’ve mastered Little Alchemists, you should be ready to try out the original euro game!

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