Arcs: Conflict & Collapse in the Reach — Leder Games

Arcs: Conflict & Collapse in the Reach — Leder Games

Arcs is a sharp sci-fi strategy game set in a dark yet silly universe. Ready yourself for dramatic twists and turns as you launch into this galactic struggle.

  • Seize the initiative. Take actions with multi-use cards. Copy the leader, pivot to new tactics, or take the initiative for next round. Timing is everything.
  • Declare ambitions. In each game, you define the objectives that everyone competes over to win.
  • Crush your foes. Amass your navy for battle, plan your strategy with three kinds of dice, and then roll them all at once to resolve the battle in a flash.

Arcs: Conflict & Collapse in the Reach
Publisher: Leder Games
Item Code: LED06000
MSRP: $60
Releases October 2024

Each game contains… 

  • 100 Wooden ships and agents
  • 18 Custom-engraved dice
  • 1 Beautiful six-panel board
  • Tons of cards with over 60 pieces of unique art

By adding the Blighted Reach Campaign Expansion, you can also play Arcs in an innovative micro-campaign, where each game is one episode in an epic trilogy that stretches across an even larger galaxy. Everyone begins as petty regents in a dying empire, but your fates quickly diverge. The campaign contains twenty-four fate seeds, each with tons of branches, twists, and turns. Uncover lost knowledge, guide your people to a new home, or forge a galactic confederation!

Arcs: The Blighted Reach Campaign Expansion
Publisher: Leder Games
Item Code: LED06001
MSRP: $100
Releases October 2024

As you complete objectives and make critical decisions, the campaign grows and changes. If you destroy a world, its refugees might flood the galaxy in your next game. If you find your society driven to a state of collapse, you can even abandon your home world and play the next game operating out of a lone flagship.

Each game in the campaign takes less than two hours to play. You can sit down for a single skirmish and then pack up for another day, or settle in for an epic three-act saga! Just make sure to stretch and drink some water between games.

Arcs: Leaders & Lore Pack
Publisher: Leder Games
Item Code: LED06003
MSRP: $15
Releases October 2024

Explore unique, tricky strategies in the Arcs base game with new Leaders, and add wild twists to both the Arcs base and campaign games with new Lore.

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