D&D Replicas of the Realms: Ancient Red Dragon Trophy Plaque — WizKids

D&D Replicas of the Realms: Ancient Red Dragon Trophy Plaque — WizKids

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons with this Limited Edition Ancient Red Dragon Trophy Plaque. The Ancient Red Dragon Trophy Plaque is a highly detailed, hand-painted sculpture made of poly-foam and latex. This trophy plaque features limited-edition deco to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, including a gold-colored plaque, “battle damaged” stylized eye, and the 50th logo on the back of the plaque. Product includes mounting hardware.

D&D Replicas of the Realms: Ancient Red Dragon Trophy Plaque
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK68517
MSRP: $611.11 (+Freight)
Releases October 2024

Decorate your game store, game room, or living room with this stunning recreation of the Dungeons & Dragons Ancient Red Dragon! This limited-edition SKU will NOT be reprinted. The most covetous of the true dragons, red dragons tirelessly seek to increase their treasure hoards. They are exceptionally vain, even for dragons, and their conceit is reflected in their proud bearing and their disdain for other creatures. The odor of sulfur and pumice surrounds a red dragon, whose swept-back horns and spinal frill define its silhouette. Its beaked snout vents smoke at all times, and its eyes dance with flame when it is angry.

NOTE: Please consider the additional shipping costs of this over-sized item. The box is 30.71″ (L) × 18.5″ (W) × 23.62″ (H) and weighs approx.19 pounds. Please keep in mind that each figure may have some imperfections caused by the mold in production.

Please Note: This wall-hanging unit is a heavy object, weighing approximately 17 pounds; professional installation is recommended. Utilize existing structural elements such as 2” × 4” wall studs.

WARNING: Severe personal injury and property damage can result from improper installation or assembly. Read the following warning carefully before beginning.

  • If you do not understand the instructions or have any concerns or questions, please contact a qualified local professional installer.
  • Do not install or assemble if the product or hardware is damaged or missing. If you require replacement parts, please contact your local retailer for assistance.
  • Do not use this product for any other application than originally designed.
  • WizKids will bear no responsibility for mounting to the ceiling, or incidental or consequential damages arising thereof.
  • WizKids disclaims any liability for the improper modifications, installation, or use.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for any damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the product.

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