Adulthood — Brotherwise Games

Adulthood — Brotherwise Games

Live your best life in Adulthood! Every turn, this game challenges players to spend Time and Energy to generate Money, Happiness, and positive Impact. Choose a Career, seek out Experiences, find a Partner, and try to spend time on Wellness while dealing with unexpected Life Events. Featuring the art of Tim Brierly, Adulthood highlights the joys and absurdity of everyday life.

Publisher: Brotherwise Games
Item Code: BGM825
MSRP: $29.95
Releases August 7, 2024

Each turn, players have to choose how to spend their Time, Energy, and Money to maximize their personal Happiness and positive Impact. Spend Time and Energy on your Career to get Money. Seek out Experiences to gain resources and Happiness, spend Time on Health to maximize the benefits of your other efforts, and find a partner to build a relationship with! Earn your way to the top or make a difference in the lives of others! The game ends when a player’s Happiness and Impact tracks meet!


  • 1 Double-sided scoring & market board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 33 Time tokens
  • 8 Wooden score markers
  • 139 Cards
  • 1 Reference card
  • 12 Grown-up, promoted, & married markers
  • 32 Money tokens
  • 32 Energy tokens
  • 16 Negative impact/unhappiness tokens

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