Ironwood — Mindclash Games

Ironwood — Mindclash Games

Side with the Woodwalkers or the Ironclad in an asymmetric, card-driven tactical duel. The game features asymmetric factions and gameplay, multi-use action cards, a quick, tactical combat system, and premium components. Ironwood also features a low-upkeep solo mode by David Turczi and Xavi Bordes.

The Ironclad — Play with metal components as you put on the armor of the Commander, lead your Ironclad armies through the mountains, mine and collect Larimor crystals, power up your mechanical inventions, and build giant Forges.

The Woodwalkers — Play with silkscreened wooden components as you take on the mantle of the Chieftain, guide your tribe of Woodwalkers scattered across forests, wield magic, summon spirits, and find the ancient Totems through your visions.

Publisher: Mindclash Games
Item Code: MDCIW01
MSRP: $55
Releases October 2024

Ironwood sample battleIn Ironwood, both factions use their own asymmetric deck of cards to either perform actions or influence battles. Your deck consists of three Base cards and 35 Special cards, which are almost all unique. The Base cards ensure the most essential action effects and always return to your hand, while the Special cards are discarded after use, but they offer more powerful actions and passive effects. The huge variety of the faction-specific cards make the gameplay for both factions very diverse and thematic, with many clutch moments and emergent mini stories.

Some action effects initiate a battle between two Warbands. When it comes to battle, you use the same hand of cards, but for their combat modifiers. During combat, you and your opponent bid one card. Its combat modifiers may cause (or prevent) additional casualties—or potentially swing the battle’s outcome even if one side outnumbers the other. Just like with Actions, Special cards are more powerful in combat, but they are discarded after use.

The ebb and flow of the action cards, and the tough decisions on when and how to use them, require you to think both tactically and strategically, making each game of Ironwood unfold into a very different experience. The core concepts and mechanics are easy and quick to learn, and everything else you need to know is written on the cards.

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