War of the Ring, the Card Game: Fire and Swords — Ares Games

War of the Ring, the Card Game: Fire and Swords — Ares Games

Embark on a grand adventure to Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, and encounter its stalwart ruler, King Dain Ironfoot. Set sail from the Grey Havens, home to the venerable Círdan the Shipwright, the eldest of the Elves. Lead your Easterling legions from Rhûn, or launch an assault on the Shire with the formidable Men of Dunland. Fire and Swords is the new expansion for War of the Ring: The Card Game, crafted by the ingenious Ian Brody.

War of the Ring, the Card Game: Fire and Swords
Publisher: Ares Games
Item Code: AGSWOTR103
MSRP: $29.90
Releases July 2024

This expansion broadens the horizons of the game by introducing fresh battlegrounds for the “War in the North,” along with new factions and a new location type known as Skirmishes, populated by myriad characters from The Lord of the Rings saga. Within Fire and Swords, you’ll discover a wealth of content including 60 faction cards, 9 additional paths, and 9 new battlegrounds.

Furthermore, delve into 13 skirmishes, representing the smaller settlements and fortifications, such as the Fords of Isen and Bree. Three new factions join the fray: the stout-hearted Northmen fighting for the Free Peoples, alongside the formidable Easterlings and cunning Ruffians allied with the Shadow.

This expansion accommodates up to six players, with adaptable scenarios tailored for smaller groups. Additionally, experience the solo/cooperative gameplay with all new Shadow cards, seamlessly integrated with the already available Against the Shadow expansion for solo adventurers.

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