Advent Dice Calendar 2021 — Q-Workshop

2021 Advent Calendar — Q-Workshop

Nothing beats waiting for Santa. In this new edition of the Advent Dice Calendar, Q-Workshop has even more treasures for you! Alongside the random-picked die in each slot, you’ll also get a new color theme of Santa Dice—this time with a unique surprise die added to the set. Of course, there’s a special metal die waiting for you in the last slot. Prepare for something truly unusual!

Advent Dice Calendar 2021
Publisher: Q-Workshop
Item Code: QWSADC102
MSRP: $45
Releases October 6, 2021

Q-Workshop presents a new Advent Dice Calendar, made of thick cardboard with plastic filling, depicting a scene with a Christmas Dice Goblin on the cover. The Advent Dice Calendar consists of 24 dice, each within a separate slot. The dice inside the calendar are randomly picked from Q-Workshop’s designs, but each is guaranteed to have a full Santa’s Dice set in a new color—and a metal die in the last slot!

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