Sorcerer Endbringer & Other Expansions — Wise Wizard Games

Sorcerer Endbringer & Other Expansions — Wise Wizard Games

Sorcerer is a beautifully crafted Victorian-era dark fantasy game where players take on the role of evil sorcerers battling for control of the mortal realm. Create a new sorcerer each game by combining a character, a lineage, and a domain deck.  You’ll summon horrific minions to different battlefields and do battle using custom dice. 

Sorcerer: Endbringer
Publisher: Wise Wizard Games
Item Code: WWGSOR716
MSRP: $49.99
Releases Q4 2021

In the Endbringer expansion, combined with the Sorcerer base game (WWG700), one to three players will team up to battle against a crazed demigod known as a Maneater. You’ll create this adversary by combining a Nemesis (who they are) with an Aspect (what army they lead) and a Scenario (what they are doing). For example, you may battle Erling Khan the Deathdealer who is Leading the Invasion.


  • 13 Oversized Cards
  • Four 20 card Nemesis Decks
  • Four 25 card Horde Decks
  • 45 Other Game Cards
  • 4 Giant Standees
  • 3 New Battlefields
  • 50 Counters
  • 1 Score Dial
  • A Full Color Rulebook

Seth Character Pack

Seth, the youngest of three brothers, witnessed his oldest brother murder the other. The horror and power of that sin washing over him triggered his awakening. It isn’t known exactly how old Seth is, but tales of a mischievous sorcerer who draws power from the sins of mortals go back as far as any currently living sorcerer can remember. Recently, Seth traveled to the American West, where he has found a plentiful supply of sin. He has gleefully taken on the role of gunslinger. He loads his revolver with magical bullets forged from the sins he collects—and hunts down rival sorcerers.

Sorcerer: Seth Character Pack
Publisher: Wise Wizard Games
Item Code: WWGSOR717
MSRP: $5.99
Releases Q4 2021

As Seth, your Grimoire contains 7 sin cards, one for each of the 7 deadly sins. This new card type can be played for free. You spend an action to play a sin card, resolve its effect, and then perform a different action. The effect of a sin card is minor, but after that effect, the sin card is attached to your character skill card. For an action, you can rain a hail of magical bullets down on your enemies, dealing collateral damage based on the number of sin cards you have collected.

House of Petro Lineage Pack

The House of Petro was founded by Haitian sorcerers who had been separated from their home lineages by the slave trade. They created a new form of sorcery modified from Voodu traditions. Through ceremonies, dances, and spirit possessions, they awakened additional sorcerers, growing the strength of their new lineage. They fought to free slaves in Haiti and took terrible vengeance on the slavers.

Sorcerer: House of Petro Lineage Pack
Publisher: Wise Wizard Games
Item Code: WWGSOR718
MSRP: $9.99
Releases Q4 2021

With this lineage, you will serve spirits called Loa. You will add cards to your temple (placing them under your House of Petro skill card) and then use those cards to power new abilities as you channel a different Loa each turn.

Godforsaken Church Domain Pack

After the Wounded Knee Massacre, a group of soldiers from 7th cavalry regiment deserted and fled into the black hills in South Dakota. Wracked with guilt, they sought forgiveness in the church of an old mining town. But the preacher there was full of hate for the natives, and he blessed the atrocities the soldiers had committed. In the age of the Sorcerer, such evil can rip the thin veil between the mortal realm and limbo. A dark curse poured into the church, afflicting all within with the living death.

Sorcerer: Godforsaken Church Domain Pack
Publisher: Wise Wizard Games
Item Code: WWGSOR719
MSRP: $4.99
Releases Q4 2021

The minions of the Godforsaken Church are extremely aggressive. Many deal collateral damage, which the opponent must immediately assign to their minions or the battlefield.

Card Dividers Pack

These dividers are designed to fit in the Sorcerer base set and Endbringer boxes. There will be a divider for every single Character, Lineage, Domain, Nemesis, and Horde deck in the game. There will also be dividers for the extra card types in Endbringer (like the Aspect Cards).

Sorcerer Card Dividers Pack
Publisher: Wise Wizard Games
Item Code: WWGSOR720
MSRP: $19.99
Releases Q4 2021

Every divider is full color on both the front and the back. Skill card dividers will have the skill card itself printed on one side, so you could use it in the game instead of the paper card if you like. These dividers are super-high-quality, credit-card-thickness plastic.

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