Bones USA Introductory Assortment — Reaper Miniatures

Bones USA Introductory Assortment — Reaper Miniatures

Just in time for the holiday season, Reaper is offering this Bones USA Introductory Assortment package! Bones USA is Reaper Miniatures’ newest line of plastic miniatures made in the USA! The Introductory Package contains one each of all 50 different Bones USA miniatures!

As a package bonus, Reaper is adding a set of their best-selling Pizza Dungeon Dice ($10.95 value) and a new Reaper Bones “Nathavarr the Ravenous” boxed set ($29.95 value). This dragon has not yet been released to the public and is only currently available with this introductory package!

Bones USA Introductory Assortment Package
Publisher: Reaper Miniatures
Item Code: RPR00779
MSRP: $299
Releases Q4 2021

This Bones USA Introductory Assortment is valued at over $325, but Reaper has lowered the MSRP to only $299. That’s $25 worth of FREE product to retailers!

Code Title Code Title
30001 Lysette, Elven Mage 30026 Pirate with Treasure Chest
30002 Darius the Wizard 30027 Anirion, Elf Wizard
30003 Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun 30028 Chit Jubal, Arkos Chopper
30004 Romag Davl, Thief 30029 Viceroy Enforcers (3)
30005 Bhonk, Bugbear Chieftain 30030 Brom Grippon, Arko Gadgeteer
30006 Elanter, the Lost Prince 30031 Theris Vinsom, Mercury Flyer
30007 Damras Deveril, Wizard 30032 Viceroy Scrutator, “Death Marble”
30008 Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard 30033 Gingerbread Man
30009 Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue 30034 ReaperCon 2021 Pirate Mouslings
30010 Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman 30035 Captain Blackscale, Dragonfolk Pirate
30011 Arkus Harn, Dwarf Witch Hunter 30036 Gisele the Sorceress
30012 Carson, Female Harefolk 30037 Hawthorne Krabbe and Poppets
30013 Roogtarki Ore Hound 30038 Hakkle Blackhook, Gnoll Pirate
30014 Genesis, Viceroy Assassin 30039 Captain Barty Redd
30015 Sansavar Chung, Viceroy 30040 Zombie Pirates (3)
30016 Zara, Arkos Jumper 30041 The Drunken Mermaid
30017 Devo Ranks, Cyberist 30042 Build-a-Figure Modular Pirate (3)
30018 Oonda, Roogtarki Smuggler 30043 Stumpy Dan McGinty and Grog Hog
30019 Asanis, Mercury Flyer 30044 Chop and Grub, Halfling Cooks
30020 Rook, Arkos Jumper 30045 Nub, Dwarf Sausage Maker
30021 Krampus 30046 Champion of Maersuluth
30022 Orc Marauder 30047 Punkin’ Headed Bugbear
30023 Mangu Timur, Evil Warlord 30048 Tub, Dwarf Baker
30024 Skeletal Archers (3) 30049 Skipper and Scuttle
30025 Ingrid, Female Gnome Rogue 30050 Jewels and Crossbones
BONUS Pizza Dungeon Dice BONUS Nathavarr the Ravenous

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