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Final Fantasy TCG: Resurgence of Power

One year after the Avalanche vs. Shinra Two-Player Starter Set was released in October 2021, Multi-Element cards return, bringing multifaceted ways to enjoy gameplay and deck building. Enjoy an even more evolved version of FFTCG as it enters its sixth year!

The collectability of FFTCG’s Resurgence of Power Booster Pack set is planned to be even higher than in previous sets! In FFTCG, cards that have been especially popular in past booster packs have been included as Legacy Cards thus far, but to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, Resurgence of Power not only includes Aerith [8-049L], Sephiroth [11-130L], and Cloud [11-136S] as Full Art cards, but they appear as Parallel versions featuring illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy TCG: Resurgence of Power Booster Box
Publisher: Square Enix
Item Code: SQE83925
MSRP: $143.64
Releases December 9, 2022

As another part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, a Special version of a Full Art Foil Yuffie [18-050L] is included as a Special Card, a new type of rare collectible card, featuring a foil stamp of Tetsuya Nomura’s autograph (and usable in the same way as a Standard card). As a Buy-a-Box Promo, one Full Art Premium Sonon [18-123L] is included with each box.

Card count: 130 normal and 170 premium (of these, 28 are Full Art cards and 1 is a Special card).

New art:

  • Ryoma Ito, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
  • Yasuhisa Izumisawa, World of Final Fantasy
  • Yukihiro Kajimoto, Final Fantasy V
  • Gen Kobayashi, Final Fantasy III
  • Yusuke Naora, Dissida Final Fantasy
  • Toshitaka Matsuda, Final Fantasy III / Final Fantasy XI
  • Fumio Minagawa, Final Fantasy XI
  • Miki Yamashita, Final Fantasy V
  • KINSHA creations co., ltd, Final Fantasy VIII

New title:

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade

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