CLANK! Catacombs! — Dire Wolf Digital

CLANK! Catacombs! — Dire Wolf Digital

Explore the haunted catacombs in a standalone CLANK! deck-building adventure like you’ve never seen it before! From series creator Paul Dennen and the team behind the award-winning Dune: ImperiumCLANK! Catacombs brings a new twist to the hit line of CLANK! deck-building board games: Rather than a single dungeon to plunder, the map in Catacombs is built as you play with a series of modular tiles that are revealed as you find your way through tangled passages in search of treasure.

CLANK! Catacombs
Publisher: Dire Wolf Digital
Item Code: DWD02006
MSRP: $60
Releases Q4 2022

Who knows what awaits in the depths below? Each play session presents a unique board that grows and changes as you explore, and fun new mechanics like Ghosts, Portals, and Wayshrines are sure to challenge even the most cunning thieves!


  • 29 Dungeon tiles
  • Clank! board
  • 180+ Cards
  • 140+ Punch tokens
  • Market board
  • 24 Dragon cubes
  • 5 Ghost cubes
  • Cloth dragon bag
  • Dragon marker
  • Rules
  • 30 Cubes and 1 player marker in 4 player colors

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