Appleseed, Fae Wylds, Galaxia, & More New Paint Colors — Turbo Dork

Appleseed, Fae Wylds, Galaxia, & More New Paint Colors — Turbo Dork

It’s new color time with Turbo Dork! Expansion 5 is ready to go and will be coming out in October. These 10 new paints will be available as an expansion tray in Full (×6 each, TDK0506) or Half Full (3× each, TDK0503) versions. You can also pick up the new paint rack label strip on its own (TDK0501).

Due to supply-chain and product issues, Turbo Dork is phasing out Sea Food (TDK4499) and Hot Commodity (TDK5212). However, they are replacing their spots in the tray lineup with Orange You Glad (TDK4581) and Summoning Sickness (TDK4659), two new metallic colors in shades customers have been asking for. Replacement rack label strips will be available for free (via SKUs TDK3022 and TDK0402). These replacement strips will also be included in all Expansion 5 tray orders.

New, updated half and full racks (TDK8006 and TDK8003) will be available via pre-order only. These racks now include eight acrylic pusher trays and 80 paint colors. Turbo Dork Core 30 retailer bundles (TDK3006 and TDK3003) will continue to remain active as an easier entry point into the line.

TDK4536Metallic Acrylic Paint: Appleseed, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4543Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Cold Open, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4550Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Cyberia, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4567Metallic Acrylic Paint: Dork, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4574Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Fae Wylds, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4598Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Galaxia, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4604Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Hemogoblin, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4611Metallic Acrylic Paint: Hotline, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4642Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Romeo/Juliet, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4666Metallic Acrylic Paint: Turbo, 20ml.$6.30
TDK4581Metallic Acrylic Paint: Orange You Glad, 20ml. (Replaces Hot Commodity)$6.30
TDK4659Metallic Acrylic Paint: Summoning Sickness, 20ml. (Replaces Sea Food)$6.30

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