Legend Story Studios announces $300,000 Flesh and Blood World Championship

Legend Story Studios announces $300,000 Flesh and Blood World Championship

Legend Story Studios has announced a $300,000 World Championship! This is the culmination of their robust organized-play system. Learn more in the press release below, check out all the details on their official World Championship page, and contact your PHD Account Manager to learn how your store can become involved in Flesh and Blood organized play via their GEM store system.

August 17, 2022 — Legend Story Studios announces the inaugural Flesh and Blood World Championship, to be held in San Jose, CA November 4–6, featuring a $300,000 USD main event cash prize, alongside a bustling event hall packed with public events, artists, cosplay, and special guests, including the creator of the game.

The pinnacle of Flesh and Blood Organised Play finally comes into sight. Four years of competition have been building to this point. 50,000 Armory Events, 2,000 Skirmishes, 600 ProQuests, 500 Road to Nationals, 64 National Championships, 18 Callings and 2 Pro Tours, culminate this November in San Jose, as elite players from around the world come to battle to become the first Flesh and Blood World Champion!

The inaugural Flesh and Blood World Championships will test players as never before, featuring for the first time, all three of Flesh and Blood’s primary formats in a single professional event: Classic Constructed, Booster Draft and Blitz.

Alongside the invitation only World Championship main event will be open entry tournaments and events for all Flesh and Blood fans to enjoy, including a Classic Constructed Calling, a Blitz Battle Hardened, a cosplay contest, industry leading artists, special guests, and three full days of side events.

Players can qualify for the World Championship through their ranking on the global leaderboards or redeeming a Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI). Instore play programs provide the primary pathway for players to earn XP and work their way up the global leaderboard. Legend Story Studios supports over 2000 stores around the world with monthly OP materials provided free of charge through Armory Kits, as well as seasonal programs including Skirmish, ProQuest, and Road to Nationals.

Visit fabtcg.com for more information about the Flesh and Blood World Championship.

Legend Story Studios is an independent game design and publishing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. They design and publish Flesh and Blood, a hero centric fantasy trading card game that has fans equipping their hero to fight in 1v1 combat in over 30 countries around the world. For more information visit fabtcg.com

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