Get into Godtear & GodTIER Bundles — Steamforged Games

Get into Godtear & GodTIER Bundles — Steamforged Games

Take control of mighty champions and fight to claim the powerful tears of perished gods! This miniature skirmish game puts two players head-to-head on a hex-based board. Score points by planting your banner on a godtear, defending it, and by taking out enemy champions and followers.

And now, With in-store events and shows now fully back in swing, it’s a good time to play Godtear. To celebrate, Steamforged Games has created two big bundle deals (including up to $200 in free stock) and a brand new organized-play kit!

Get into Godtear Bundle

Buy any 3 Godtear starter sets and get a FREE demo pack worth $54.99! Each demo pack includes:

  • 1 Starter set for running in-store demos
  • 1 Quick demo guide

GodTIER Bundle

Buy any 8 Godtear starter sets and 1 of each champion (20 total) and get over $200 of free product! Including:

  • 1 Free demo kit (starter set + demo guide)
  • 1 Free Winter’s Reckoning Organized Play Kit
  • 4 FREE Champions!

Winter's Reckoning Organized Play Kit

The leaves whisper gently in the wind as you step out into the golden sunlight of the Eternal Glade. It’s beautiful, as always. But something feels different. Tendrils of frost spiral round the tree trunks. The ponds are all frozen solid. You’re shivering, in spite of the sun’s rays and your fur-hemmed cloak…

Godtear: Winter’s Reckoning Organized Play Kit
Publisher: Steamforged Games
Item Code: SFGGTWR
Releases September 2022

Winter’s Reckoning is a brand new campaign kit for Godtear, the hex-based miniatures game of godlike battles. In the campaign, an unnatural winter is creeping over the lush and verdant Eternal Glade. Up to 8 players will  play through four Godtear battles as they fight to decide the fate of the forest.

What’s in the box?

  • Rules booklet
  • 176 Champion upgrade cards
  • 8 Double-sided dashboards featuring Winter’s Reckoning and Skullbreaker art
  • 32 Chapter cards
  • 9 Ending cards
  • 4 Battlefield mats
  • 4 Blood splatter sticker pats
  • 8 Pairs of red acrylic boon and blight tokens

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