Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 & Racking System — The Army Painter

Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 & Racking System — The Army Painter

The next generation of Speedpaints has expanded to include 90 of the most-wanted colors designed and selected with feedback from the Paint Development Team and customers. With the invention of the first ever one-coat metallics, an advanced acrylic resin base for a stronger bond, added speed, and insane performance, Speedpaints are a true one-coat painting solution that meets the demands of painters of all skill levels.

First in line of The Army Painter’s Speedpaint 2.0 launch is a brand new Speedpaint Mega Set. With an expanded product line, it is only natural that the Mega set expands as well. They are bringing the bottles up from 24 to all of 50 paints in this new Mega Set!

Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP8057
MSRP: $199
Releases TBA

The set has been designed to supply new colors to anyone who bought into the previous two sets with minimal overlaps. As such, in this new Mega Set, there are only four colors that overlap with the already existing line, and these four colors are included for free!  Additionally, the new Speedpaint Mega Set features the industry-first Metallic Speedpaints, which have generated quite a buzz in the global hobby community.

All Speedpaints come with two high-grade, stainless steel Mixing Balls already loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency.

Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 swatchesContents:

  • 50× 18ml Speedpaints:
    • 45 New colors, including 3 Speedpaint Metallics
    • 1 Speedpaint Medium
    • 4 Speedpaint colors from the original range for FREE
  • 1× Basecoat Brush

Upcoming Speedpaint Releases

Speedpaint 2.0 RackingThe Mega Set 2.0 is only the first launch in this new and improved product range. In Q2 2023, The Army Painter will launch the remaining 40 Speedpaint colors, bringing the range up to 90 individual bottles for the absolutely most comprehensive selection of one-coat paints in the entire industry!

Aside from 90 individual paints, The Army Painter will introduce more in Q2:

  • Speedpaint Complete Set, including the entire range of 90 colors
  • Speedpaint Metallic Set
  • Speedpaint Racking System (TAPWP8800)

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Complete and Metallic Set!

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