HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack — Avalon Hill

HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack — Avalon Hill

In this The Mage of the Mirror expansion to the HeroQuest adventure, you’re challenged to confront the diabolical archmage Sinestra and save the kidnapped Princess Millandriell! As a courageous Elf, will you survive the perilous solo quests to prove your strength and valor? You must recover a legendary sword, free two of the Queen’s attendants, and navigate safely through a treacherous maze. Only then will your fellow heroes join you to pass through the mirror to the Realm of Reflection and try to free the princess. Immerse yourself in the fantasy with 10 daring quests, stunning artwork, 33 detailed miniatures, and full-color tiles. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold separately.)

HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack
Publisher: Avalon Hill
Item Code: HSBF7539
MSRP: $44.99
Releases Q1 2023

The Mage of the Mirror includes a Quest Book featuring 10 quests, 33 finely detailed miniatures, 2 mirror stands, 35 game cards, cardboard tile sheet, and a game guide.

  • The Adventure Continues! Rescue the Princess—and Realm—from evil! The cards and Quest Book in this fantasy-filled HeroQuest expansion feature artwork that immerses you in the perilous adventure.
  • Add to your collection of miniatures! This tabletop board game expansion comes with 33 detailed, unpainted miniatures: elven-themed furniture, Elf hero, Evil Archmage, Ogres, Giant Wolves, and more.
  • Includes 10 thrilling quests! The Mage of the Mirror expansion features 10 quests, as well as full-color tiles and 35 game cards, set in an elven world of monsters, traps, and mind-altering spells.
  • Endless replayability! Delve deeper into the HeroQuest world with this expansion pack that adds to the game’s replayability. Players can also create their own stories and design their own quests.

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