Grand Archive TCG Roadmap: 2023 and Beyond

Grand Archive TCG Roadmap: 2023 and Beyond

The first release for Grand Archive TCG, Dawn of Ashes, is coming April 28, 2023, and it’s poised to hit the ground running. With great anime art, crisp graphic design, and an original and unique game design, there’s a lot to look forward to from this game’s first release. The publisher Weebs of the Shore has tons of support, releases, and appearances planned for the game, so check out their roadmap below!

About Grand Archive

Original IP and Illustrations—

  • Full creative control and ownership of IP, world settings, stories, illustrations, and character design
  • Over 50 professional anime-style artists, character designers, and illustrators working on FTC and ALC

Western Game Design—

  • Approachable and quick-to-learn design with low stat numbers, clear UI, and precise rules text
  • Innovative card-based resources system that heightens skill-based gameplay and interaction

Limitless Deckbuilding—

  • Three basic elements, seven classes, and multiple advanced elements to support countless archetypes
  • Over 100 champion lineage options available in Dawn of Ashes for both sealed and constructed

Unparalleled Quality—

  • 350 GSM custom white core Italian cardstock for premium manufacturing and pristine foils
  • 800 DPI offset print precision that highlights Grand Archive’s vibrant art in crystal-clear detail

About the Team

  • Passionate Texas-based startup with more than 50 years of TCG and CCG experience
  • Dedicated Art Director, Game Designers, Playtesters, and Business Operator on staff
  • Direct partnership with industry-leading, Taiwan-based printer and manufacturer
  • Heavy prioritization on LGS support and Organized Play, partnering with global TOs
  • Commitment to building an engaging and interactive game and strong communities

Dawn of Ashes, Alter Edition Info

Booster Displays—

  • 280 Playable cards; 549 unique cards
  • Approximately 20 boxes for a playset
  • CSRs seeded in 1 every 30 boxes
  • Supports draft and sealed formats

Starter Decks—

  • Three preconstructed decks (Warrior, Mage, Tamer)
  • Exclusive champion and regalia cards in each deck
  • CSRs seeded 1 in every 72 decks

Collector Super Rares—

  • 10 exclusive Alter Edition Collector Rares
  • Unique CSRs can be found in each product
  • Full-art treatment with texture and spot UV
  • Hot-foil gold-stamped artist signature

Release and Event Schedule

Release Schedule—

  • FTC (August 2023) — Supplemental Set
  • ALC (Q1 2024*) — Standard Set
  • GEN (Q2 2024*) — Supplemental Set
  • IDL (Q3 2024*) — Standard Set
  • RPS (Q4 2024*) — Supplemental Set

Event Schedule—

  • GAMA (April 2023) — Industry Event
  • CaC Dallas (May 2023) — TCG/CCG Con
  • Anime North (May 2023) — Anime Con
  • Anime Expo (June 2023) — Anime Con
  • Anime Matsuri (August 2023) — Anime Con
  • Ascent Houston (Q3 2023*) — Competitive Event
  • CaC Houston (November 2023) — TCG/CCG Con
  • Anime Frontier (December 2023) — Anime Con

*Dates not yet confirmed.

LGS Support and Organized Play

Dedicated Event Kits for B&M Stores—

  • Participant and Winner Event Packs with high foil rates
  • Event Kit exclusive CSRs seeded into each Event Pack

First Ascent Tournament in Q3 2023—

  • Competitive formats for both players and collectors
  • Prize support of serialized prize cards, cash, and product

Future development of Omnidex—

  • Dedicated OP app for LGS tracking an event hosting
  • Seasonal rank promos and rewards for players

Global Tournament Organizer Partners—

  • Partnerships with Tournament Organizers globally
  • Planned support for online webcam tournaments

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