UniVersus CCG: Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament — UniVersus Games

UniVersus CCG: Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament — UniVersus Games

Yu Yu Hakusho is returning to UniVersus in 2024 with The Dark Tournament. Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament will be exclusively available through hobby distribution!

UniVersus CCG: Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament — Booster Display
Publisher: UniVersus Games
MSRP: $110
Releases February 23, 2024

Key Set Features:

  • 16 different characters!
  • Reprints of key cards from the original Yu Yu Hakusho set!
  • Chrome Rares of key characters!
  • 6 different Secret Rares! 

Each booster pack contains 12 cards: 1 character, 1 reprinted card from original Yu Yu Hakusho set, 6 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 Rare, Ultra Rare, or Secret Rare.

The Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament Release Event is an exclusive and unique event for hobby retailers with a special online event for the winners!

UniVersus CCG: Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament — Event Kit
Publisher: UniVersus Games
MSRP: $435 (16 player kits & more)
Releases February 23, 2024

How can my store join the UGN?

It’s simple! Follow these steps, and don’t forget to set your preferred distributor so that you can
gain access to prerelease kits for the next UniVersus set!

1. Go to https://play.uvsgames.com/ and create an account.
a. Click Login, you’ll see “Don’t have an account? Sign up” – choose this option.
b. Enter your email and a password.
c. Once you click continue you’ll be asked to verify your email. After verifying your email your account is created.

2. Now you’ll need to create an organization so you can host, post, and run UniVersus events.
a. Go to your profile and select Organizer Application
b. Follow the prompts and apply. Please be sure to register as an owner of the store. If someone other than an owner signs up, it’ll put the application in a pending state until the owner verifies the information.
c. Once the application is submitted Carde.io will approve and confirm it is done.
d. After your store has been approved, you can select a preferred distributor by clicking My Stores in the upper righthand corner and editing your distributor selection.


  • 16 Individual Prerelease Player Kits
  • 16 Participation promos
  • 1 Instruction sheet
  • 1 Booster display of Dark Tournament boosters to use for prizing
  • 1 Exclusive prize playmat for the winner! 
  • The winner of each Dark Tournament release event will qualify for a special online tournament—more details to follow.
  • Stores must register and report their events on the UGN to participate.

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