Flat River Group January 5 Releases

Flat River Group January 5 Releases

Return to Dark Tower: Fantasy Roleplaying

A new evil has taken the Dark Tower. Will you rise to fight against this Adversary and become a hero of the Four Kingdoms? Over the course of a campaign of quests and marches, you will fight fiendish monsters, raise allied armies, and unearth ancient lore—until you can marshal your forces to lay siege to the Adversary and the Dark Tower itself.

Return to Dark Tower: Fantasy Roleplaying
Publisher: 9th Level Games
Item Code: 9LG1981
MSRP: $49.99
Releases January 5, 2024

A thoroughly modern roleplaying game based on the exciting board game Return to Dark Tower, powered by Polymorph, and compatible with the award-wining Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying. It’s for 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up if you’re brave enough…

Maps of Misterra

Explore the island. Discover and map its topography. Will you remain faithful to the reality on the ground, or will you bend the truth a little to confirm the—sometimes extravagant—presumptions of your sponsor?

Maps of Misterra
Publisher: Sit Down Games
Item Code: SDO015
MSRP: $34.99
Releases January 5, 2024

In Maps of Misterra, you play as a cartographer exploring an island, drawing the surrounding landscape on your Parchment board. The island is revealed as you make your observations. Score points by mapping reality or completing personal hidden goals.

EOS: Island of Angels

In ancient times, powerful angels held strong against the demonic creatures crawling out of the abyss on the Island of EOS. One day, though, they were tricked: The angelic guardians were turned into stone and demons flood the world ever since. Eons later, a captain named Kareem found a petrified angel on a remote rock off the shores of an island. Kareem managed to awake the angel Leanas, who told him about the island of EOS and gifted him with immortality. In return, Kareem swore an oath: to awake Leanas’ brothers and sisters, who were still petrified on EOS. Together they would fight back the demons, forcing them to return to the abyss they came from and freeing the world of their dark powers once again.

EOS: Island of Angels
Publisher: Grey Fox Games
Item Code: GFG39095
MSRP: $69.99
Releases January 5, 2024

EOS: Island of Angels is an exciting engine-builder board game, which also includes some worker-placement mechanics. Players hire a unique, asymmetrical crew and set sail to the island of EOS, to free the angels of old and leave their mark on this mythical world’s chronicle. Be wary though: While exploring the ocean, vicious demons will attack the ships and crews. Fighting them and their powerful demon lords will bring players glory and help restore the angels’ power. Through awakening angels, players can gain powerful blessings that pose as an advantage to their strategy, while demons sabotage the ship, resulting in disadvantages.

EOS: Island of Angels is a fast-paced game, which allows for a thrilling adventure while players optimize their strategies on the go. Finding the perfect balance between progressing on their journey and fighting demons while improving their ship and crew is key for players to gain the most victory points.

The Vault: Rules Compendium Vol. 1

The Vault has been breached! Get ready to shift your Everyday Heroes game into overdrive! Evil Genius Games has collected a year’s worth of incredible new rules for Everyday Heroes into one amazing compilation. Whether you want to battle gigantic monsters with awesome mechs, live forever as an immortal warrior, tap into the power of ritual magic, play a mutant warrior, mod yourself with cyberware, become a billionaire, or just shoot an incredible array of new weapons, this book is for you!

The Vault: Rules Compendium Vol. 1
Publisher: Evil Genius Games
Item Code: EVL11000
MSRP: $49.99
Releases January 5, 2024

This 352-page rulebook contains—

  • 15 New Classes and 10 New Extraordinary Classes! (and 1 Bonus Class)
  • New rules: Character origins
  • 21 New Backgrounds, 17 Historical Backgrounds, 10 Extraordinary Backgrounds
  • 41 New Professions, 6 New Extraordinary Professions, and 3 Career Paths
  • 16 Advanced Feats, 6 Extraordinary Advanced Feats, 7 Immortal Feats, 30 Multiclass Feats, and 18 Extraordinary Multiclass Feats
  • Mutations
  • Cybernetics
  • Over 100 NPCs from across time and space

More January 5 Releases

Code Description MSRP
LBE01 Plunder: A Pirate’s Life $49.99
LBE02 King’s Cup Extreme $19.99
LBE03 Piles! $19.99
LBE04 Cheers to the Governor $19.99
PELGSW04 Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous $39.95
9LG1981A Return to Dark Tower RPG Adversary Screen $24.99
9LG1981B Return to Dark Tower RPG Player Tower Accessory Set $49.99
GFG60226 Eos: Island of Angels Expansion $24.99

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