Barbarian Kingdoms — Ares Games

Barbarian Kingdoms — Ares Games

Embark on an epic journey through the tumultuous era of the fall of the Roman Empire with Barbarian Kingdoms, an asymmetrical and competitive strategy game meticulously crafted by Christophe Lebrun and brought to life by Jester Games.

Barbarian Kingdoms
Publisher: Ares Games
MSRP: $49.90
Releases April 2024

In this riveting experience, players seize control of nascent kingdoms, diving into a relentless quest for supremacy over Western Europe as the Hun horde sweeps across the continent. As the Roman Empire crumbles, players are immersed in a chaotic struggle for dominance, striving to lead their burgeoning kingdoms through the transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Barbarian Kingdoms setupRecruiting warriors, collecting taxes, assaulting provinces, maneuvering units, and claiming territories are strategic actions crucial in the race to be the first to control seven or eliminate two rival kings. The game offers balanced asymmetry, ensuring different strategies and high replayability. The game mechanics blend conquest, bluffing, and diplomacy, emphasizing strategic skill over chance.

This innovative game introduces a refreshing economic twist, seamlessly blending recruitment, expansion, and combat actions with crucial strategic economic decisions. Experience the depth of strategic intricacies and economic nuances that define Barbarian Kingdoms as you navigate this pivotal period in European history.

Contents of the Box:

  • 1 Game board
  • 2 Purses
  • 30 Standees
  • 96 Tokens
  • 6 Domination tiles
  • 6 Player boards
  • 6 Player screens
  • 7 Cards
  • 1 Score pad
  • 1 Rulebook

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