Union Arena Super Prerelease & Release Event Regulations — Bandai

Union Arena Super Prerelease Regulations — Bandai

Super Prerelease

To celebrate the release of Union Arena English version, Bandai is planning Super Pre-release events for Union Arena in August. Limited Super Pre-release–stamped products and prizes are available for the event!

Each participant is limited to purchase ONE of the limited products, “Super pre-release Starter Deck BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War” or “Super pre-release Starter Deck HUNTER×HUNTER” to join the event.

It is a 16-player event, limited to one event per store. Each store is eligible to purchase 8 decks of each product,  for a total of 16 decks.

See below for how the stores register for the Super Pre-release event.

Please also note that only a limited number of Union Arena Super Pre-Release events will be offered. If the number of stores that apply exceeds the limit, Bandai will randomly choose which stores can hold this event.

Stores will be informed their application results by e-mail registered in TCG+ on March 22. Store can then schedule their own super pre-release event on TCG+ after receiving the confirmation email.

Because of the restriction above, we would like distributors to offer the Super Pre-release starter deck only to picked up stores. Bandai will be sending the chosen store list and the offer sheet for Super Pre-release starter deck in late March or early April.

Bandai would like as many stores as possible to participate, so if a selected store does not order the items by the closing date, that slot will be given to another store.

Release Event

Registration Deadline on TCG+: April 9th

Event Date: September 27th

Event Details:

  • 1 kit/8 players
  • Contents—
    • 1 Winner Pack
    • 8 Participation Cards
    • 8 Release Packs
    • 1 Tournament Manual
  • Stores must purchase 2 booster boxes for every 8 players for each event
  • This event is 1 week before the booster set releases

TCG+ Instructions:

  1. Click “Event Applications” in the Function Area.
  2. Find “UNION ARENA BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War [UE01BT] Release Event” or “UNION ARENA HUNTER X HUNTER[UE02BT] Release Event” and click.
  3. Set up the event date, time, and capacity and submit confirmation.