DC Comics Deck Building Game: Justice League Dark — Cryptozoic

DC Comics Deck Building Game: Justice League Dark — Cryptozoic

This entry in the DC Deck-Building Game series puts you in the supernatural shoes of the DC team that steps in when challenges arise that are too mystical for regular Super Heroes. Become a member of the Justice League Dark as you Seal the threats of magical Super-Villains and Transform your cards into more powerful forms!  This is a standalone game but compatible with other games in DC Deck-Building Game series.

DC Comics Deck Building Game:
Justice League Dark

Publisher: Cryptozoic
Item Code: CAS80269
MSRP: $49.99
Releases June 2024

Justice League Dark sample cardsKey Features:

  • Based on Justice League Dark comics, with original cover art by Ryan Benjamin
  • Play as Justice League Dark members like Wonder Woman, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate
  • Transform cards have the ability to change into other cards!
  • Seal your cards away to add to your score at the end of the game.
  • New Weakness cards have a built-in way to get rid of them…if you are willing to pay the cost!


  • 215 Standard cards
  • 8 Oversized character cards
  • 4 Seal tokens
  • Multiverse divider
  • Rulebook
  • The first printing contains Jason Blood and Etrigan Promo Cards

Justice League Dark Expansion

This expansion for DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark transforms the game by introducing new game cards and letting you play as Circe and her Injustice League Dark! This is not a standalone product—it requires any DC Deck-Building Game base game to play, but  it’s optimized for DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark.

DC Comics Deck Building Game: Justice League Dark Expansion
Publisher: Cryptozoic
Item Code: CAS80290
MSRP: $19.99
Releases June 2024

Key Features:
    Justice League Dark Expansion
  • Play as the Super-Villains of Injustice League Dark!
  • New Super Hero Nemesis cards for you to defeat!
  • New main deck cards to Transform and Seal away
  • Cursed Weakness cards that curse you with additional penalties or special benefits
  • Nemesis Reward cards allow all Nemesis cards from your DC Deck-Building Game collection to be used in a DC DBG: Justice League Dark game.
Contents: 53 Standard cards, 6 oversized character cards, rulebook

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